Each of us is different, just like our hair and scalps are different - therefore it is necessary to choose a shampoo that is right for your individual needs, not what ads on TV tell you. Find out what to look for and choose a shampoo, so that your hairstyle looks beautiful every day, and your scalp is always healthy!

Regular or "special" shampoo

The ads speak clearly – go with this or that brand of hair volume shampoo, if you want to increase the volume of your hair, use this or that brand of anti-dandruff shampoo if you wish to fight dandruff. And most of us, not necessarily interested in cosmetology, encouraged by what we hear and see in TV, are directed to the nearest store in order to purchase the product from the ad. "After all, it's effective!" Maybe, but is it healthy? This question must always be answered, when you stand in front of the shop shelf, not only with shampoos, but also with other beauty products. The conventional products used by most people, including shampoos, are created on the basis of synthetic ingredients, which are cheaper and often have additional advantages, such as a significant extension of the shelf-life of a given product. Unfortunately – the chemical substances that the product is made of, may, in the long run, be harmful to your hair, your scalp, and your body.

All because conventional shampoos contain parabens and SLS as well as other harmful substances - preservatives, detergents and fillers. Some of them have been recognized as potentially carcinogenic, which clearly indicates that the products that contain them are not worth using.

What is the alternative? The "special" shampoos mentioned in the subtitle -  those based on natural ingredients. They belong to the group of organic cosmetics, which are created only from certified substances of natural origin - oils and plant extracts and essential oils. Thanks to them, you, as a consumer, can be sure that you are buying natural cosmetics, devoid of chemicals and completely safe for your health. What's more - organic shampoos do not have to be more expensive than conventional ones, so this issue should not be a problem for anyone. Another plus is that you do not have to look for them overseas – there are plenty of brands of natural shampoo in UK!

Shampoo and the hair type

Let us get to the specifics - what types of shampoos to buy and which will be the most effective? Well, the best solution is to adjust the preparation to your problems with the hair or scalp. Hair types and skin problems are very diverse, so let us list them all.

Dry and brittle hair. A very common problem caused by inadequate hair hydration. The choice is very easy in this case - it is enough to choose moisturizing shampoos, which in their composition have specially selected ingredients that help moisturize the hair and soften it. These include, for example,  drift-weed and aloe vera extracts.

Greasy hair. Also a common problem affecting people whose sebaceous glands work too intensely. Sometimes greasy hair can be caused by the use of shampoos containing synthetic substances like  SLS, which is why it is absolutely advisable to choose organic shampoos, which in their composition have citrus oil, sage and many other valuable substances.

Hair falling out. If your hair falls out, it means that it needs vitamins and minerals that will strengthen it. It is therefore necessary to invest in restorative and strengthening shampoo, which contain rosemary oil or guarana extract. In this case, it is worth focusing on proven products offered by a store with natural cosmetics that lists these products under the category “strengthening hair shampoos” or “anti-hair loss shampoos”.

Dyed hair. Dyeing your hair you want, on the one hand, to care for its health and strength, and, on the other, make its color beautiful. This is why, in this case, it is also worth going with dedicated shampoos, that contain all natural ingredients in their composition. It is worth looking for special preparations for dyed hair, which at the same time give the effect of strong, glossy hair and extend the life of your hair color. 

Dandruff. In this case it is clear - it is necessary to find a shampoo that will eliminate the obvious problem. You should choose natural preparations, in which many combinations of herbs and plant extracts with disinfecting, antiseptic and anti-dandruff properties are used. The most effective ingredients include, among others, oakmoss extract, black crowberry, dog's-tongue or tar.

Sensitive skin. In case of sensitive skin, shampoo should be chosen carefully because we can expose ourselves to various types of irritations and skin problems. It is worth going with organic shampoos, that have certified ingredients in their composition, including three-lobe beggarticks, camomile or Chinese licorice. It is necessary to look for a product that is described as "for sensitive skin".

The best brands

When it comes to organic shampoos, which natural cosmetics stores offer, we can very often find the same brands - there is nothing surprising in this because there are many proven suppliers of preparations on the market that you can trust. The most important brands of shampoos that you can go with include:

-Dr. Konopka's

-Natura Siberica

-Organic Shop and many others.

By choosing a product of one of these brands, you will fight any problems that you might have with your hair and scalp, and also you will make sure that your hairstyle looks beautiful every day.

Skillful washing matters!

It is worth noting that it is not enough to select the right shampoo - the appearance of the hair, as well as the condition of the scalp is also affected by the way ... you wash it. It turns out that most of us do it wrong! Let us find out how it should be done step by step.

Step 1 - rinse your head with warm water – this will remove the oil accumulated on your hair and skin.

Step 2 - apply a little shampoo to your hands, then dilute it with water to make the foam.

Step 3 - spread the shampoo on the hair, and then gently massage it and your scalp with your fingertips (avoid sudden, rough movements, because your hair does not like it very much!).

Step 4 - rinse your head and hair with cool water thoroughly.

Step 5 - wrap your head with a towel so that all the water is absorbed by it.

Thanks to this, you can be sure that not only you have the best shampoo for hair, but also that you use it properly. This is a detail that many of us do not pay much attention to, but the way you wash your head has a huge impact on the condition of your hair and scalp.