High temperature causes the blood vessels to expand and accelerates blood circulation, which regenerates our muscles. Therefore, using sauna is one of the best ways to relax your muscles after intense exercise, as it reduces muscle pain after the workout. Remember that you should use it only on non-workout days, because your heart rate must return to normal.

Additionally, staying in the sauna when the blood circulation in the skin is stimulated, gives you a great opportunity to perform nutritional treatment on your body and hair. Thanks to high temperature and steam, the pores of the skin are expanding, which makes it easy to deeply cleanse your skin. The active ingredients of cosmetics easily penetrate the deep layers of the skin and even the hair structure. Take advantage of that!

A nourishing ritual for your hair

Damaged, brittle, dull hair? Split ends? Relax, you can easily fix that while using the sauna. How?

Well, the fact is that dry and hot air could be very harmful to your hair, especially if you enter the sauna with wet hair.

What to do to make the temperature work in your favor? Hair likes steam saunas the most. Just do not forget about using a hair mask! When you enter the sauna for the last time, apply the cosmetic to slightly damp hair and you will notice that the sauna will intensify the effect. Remember that the hair should not dry out, that's why you should protect it by applying a more generous amount of the product to the hair ends.

A good idea will be to choose a deeply moisturizing sea buckthorn mask from Natura Siberica (natinati.co.uk, price £ 8.50). Sea buckthorn is an extraordinary plant that works wonders on the skin and hair – a dream for special tasks.


If you do the oil treatment on your hair, remember to take your favorite oil to the sauna with you. The oil will protect your hair and the aroma of the oil will additionally relax you. Different oils have different properties, so remember to choose the right one for your hair. Apply a bit to the entire length of the hair before the sauna session and do not wash it off in between successive entrances.

The oil can be used on dry or slightly damp hair. After finishing the sauna session, wash your head thoroughly with shampoo, use a conditioner and rinse it with cool water. Your hair will be soft, moisturized and shiny.

Take care of your face

Regardless of whether you decide to use a face mask, a delicate scrub or a clay, apply the product to the already warmed skin, after the first session. This is the perfect moment to perform a face massage. This is something we forget about in our daily routine, even though a proper face massage not only relaxes us but also improves the blood circulation and overall condition of the skin.

How you treat the facial skin after a visit to the sauna is equally important. For cleansing, use lukewarm water and gently, without rubbing, dry the skin with a soft towel. Then apply some nourishing cream to your face using circular movements. You will feel how soft and moisturized your skin is.

2 steps to a smooth body

2 sessions in the sauna are 2 simple steps to have a smooth and moisturized body. When your skin is warmed up, that is after the first session, massage your body with a scrub to remove all the dead skin. The Warming Hot Chocolate Body Scrub form Organic Shop (natinati.co.uk, price £ 9.42) that thoroughly cleanses the skin, will be perfect for that.

The natural extracts will smooth and soften the skin. After the first session, when our body is cleansed, it is time to moisturize the skin with an oil-based body balm. Thick Natural Daurian Body Butter from Natura Siberica will work beautifully (natinati.co.uk, price £ 11.50). Composed on the basis of six Daurian oils, which are a great source of vitamin C, beta carotene, vitamin B2 and K, pectin, tannin and catechin, Daurian body butter will tone the skin and deeply moisturize it.

If you want to relax some more, you can add your favorite essential oils to the steam water. The aromas are perfect for inhalation, and depending on the properties of the oils, they boost our mood, relax us or have a stimulating effect on us.

You can try using eucalyptus oil, which is one of the most well-known essential oils in the world or lavender oil which is one of the most beautiful and widely used in cosmetic industry natural fragrances.

Remember! If you want the sauna sessions not to turn into a cosmetic nightmare, follow some important tips:

  • always cleanse the skin thoroughly before entering the sauna,
  • If you use hair styling products, be sure to wash them off,
  • do not bring cosmetics that are new to you and hasn’t been proven yet,
  • choose products that contain natural ingredients,
  • choose products that are proper for your skin and hair type,
  • before, during and after the sessions in the sauna, drink water and rest.

Now go to the sauna and be sure to write us all about it!