Oral hygiene is a very important topic! Enough is as good as a feast- even in beauty care. 

Our everyday choices have great impact on our health and beauty. We care about cosmetics for our face and body, but teeth is something that we forget about!  Parabens, SLS, titanium dioxide… you can find all of these harmful ingredients in your toothpaste, but there are some alternatives. Who doesn’t dream of a white Hollywood smile, but without using chemicals? We have  some interesting proposals in response to the expectation for those who choose only natural care.

One of them is Ecodenta, an oral care brand that combines the power of nature with cutting-edge science. It offers toothpastes for children and for adults, as well as mouthwashes!  What is more, Ecodenta products are approved by dentistsand have been developed in cooperation with the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences as well as evaluated by odontologists.

Natural source of calcium – Kalident, an Ecodenta ingredient, strengthens the enamel and fills the micro cracks and scratches. Research has shown that this substance, with its composition analogous to that of tooth enamel, restores its mineralization and removes tooth decay. Ecodenta toothpastes are created together with scientists of the Lithuanian Health University and are approved by dentists.

Let’s see how to change your habits naturally…

It is worth to pay attention to the Black Bleaching Toothpaste! One of the most popular natural toothpastes. Thanks to carbon and mint, it provides deep cleansing and long-lasting freshness. Black toothpaste for whitening teeth? Thanks to the active carbon many clients praise this product for the visible effect of a whiter and brighter smile!

If teeth care routine is boring for you, the Anti-inflammatory Toothpaste, with an extraordinary cinnamon flavour, will be perfect for daily care! 

Miss fresh, frosty breath? Then dare to try our refreshing toothpaste which effectively cleans and gently nourishes the oral cavity thanks to the Hyaluronic Acid. Perfect for everyday care. And what is more, it does not contain fluoride!

Fruity is healthy! That is why Ecodenta created the melon flavour enhancing toothpaste, which will ensure good oral health. It cleans efficiently, combats plaque, strengthens the enamel and protects the teeth. In addition, the refreshing taste of melon will make the care extremely pleasant.

An alternative for whitening is the Whitening Toothpaste which is based on herbs and contains sage extract that supports natural gingival protection barriers and soothes irritations.

For those who do not accept fluoride, Ecodenta made the Extra triple Effect Toothpaste, which supports gums and enamel mineralization. Thanks to Propolis and white clay provides gentle and efficient care.

Problem with tartar is very common, so Ecodenta used Cranberry in Toothpaste, which strengthens teeth, cleans and additionally fights with tooth decay. 

Next common problem is sensitive gums, which are prone to bleeding. This specific problem can be solved by the Oak Bark Toothpaste. Thanks to specifically selected ingredients, as Yarrow and Oak Bark the toothpaste works for strong and healthy gums. Additionally, Milfoil creates an invisible shield that makes gums healthier in the future.

Hypersensivity can be very onerous, especially if you just want to enjoy your meal. Very hot and cold food can be a nuisance, that’s why the Chamomile Toothpaste is perfect for this problem. It provides sensitive care connected with strict action .

Gentle chamomile mouthwash is recommended for people who suffer from hypersensitivity of teeth. Its delicate formula nourishes the entire oral cavity, does not irritate it and protects it against the formation of caries. Chamomile is known as a multi-functional ingredient in this mouthwash, it has antiseptic, softening and nourishing properties. After using this product you will not feel an uncomfortable, burning sensation. Gentle but effective cleansing will guarantee a brighter smile without any harmful chemicals. The product does not contain fluoride which is another plus for those who do not accept this ingredient.

Fresh breath can be guaranteed by the  Ecodenta Sage Mouthwash. It is created to clean the areas which are usually hard to reach. Mint oil Long provides lasting freshness, and it also possesses antibacterial properties. Aloe vera extract has a soothing and calming effect, it protects gums against periodontitis. Sage provides everyday protection against tartar. What is more, Ecodenta mouthwashes do not contain alcohol, which makes your mouth care more gentle and pleasant. Sage Muthwash contains lower than usual concentration of fluoride.

How about kids? Their teeth care needs are definitely different than adults’. That is why their teeth care must be gentle but effective.

Before using every kind of toothpaste for children under the age of 6, remember to give a small amount of it, pea-sized quantity.

But Ecodenta does not forget about your kids! The tutti-frutti toothpaste will make your oral care a great fun! Chamomile, Aloe, Bark Magnolia gently cleanse and strengthen teeth and gums.

The Wild Strawberry toothpaste also contains a carrot extract, making toothcare more pleasant. This Toothpaste also has an ECOCERT Certificate as symbol of safety.

Children’s care should not be boring, that is why Ecodenta created the Blackberry Toothpaste, which additionally contains chamomile. Concentration of fluoride is  two times lower.

Next brand which offers natural toothpastes…

Natura Siberica is a well-known Russian brand which provides a combination of natural herbs and organic components coming from severe weather conditions. Natura Siberica cosmetics do not contain any artificial additives, which makes them completely safe for your skin and health. Thanks to the large amount of nutrients and active substances, they give you the results you want - even when facing deeper problems. Their vast variety allows you to choose the product for your specific needs and eliminate the problem.

Our smile is one of Natura Siberica’s targets. Its toothpastes are created to solve any problems with enamel or gums and also preserve the naturally white colour of your teeth!

Pearl extract, Rhodiola Rosea andOrganic Ginseng – this mix is a simple recipe for comprehensive care. The Kamchatkan Mineral Toothpaste has a unique combination that will provide your teeth and gums with tender care and help to harden the enamel, while leaving you with a minty fresh breath.

The Natural Siberian Arctic Protection Toothpaste provides sensitive care without fluoride. Natural extracts from the arctic raspberry, snow cladonia and oblephica oil gently clean your teeth and protects gums.

Discovering the Siberian herbs starts from the Natural Siberian 7 Nothern Herbs Toothpaste. Naturally fresh breath, strong teeth and gums without bleeding is something that we are all looking for. 

Natura Siberica has something for fruit lovers – the Natural Siberian Frosty Berries Toothpaste is the best choice for triple care! It refreshes, gently cleanses and has anti-inflammatory properties. Sounds tasty!

The top 3 of our toothpaste range close the Recipes of Grandma Agafia. It is a line of cosmetics based on Siberian wild herbs. Toothpaste and herbal washing powders are a proven choice! Recipes that have existed for many years, and which sometimes surpass the achievements of modern cosmetology because of their unique healing properties. That is why we created the cosmetic line based on time-tested recipes of a Siberian healer. After the necessary investigation, we tried and tested them, and we chose the most useful and effective ones. They came to form the base of our cosmetics.

Among the wide range of Babushka Agafia products stands out the Salted Toothpaste! It provides deep cleansing and is very refreshing. An organic toothpaste for effective prevention of bad breath. The paste contains real salt, which prevents the formation of inflammation, and also strengthens teeth and gums.

The paste gently cleanses teeth enamel, restores natural glow and whiteness, and also prevents microcracks. Fine grinding ingredients promote the safe removal of plaque.

In addition, the paste prevents unpleasant odour in the mouth and also refreshes the breath for a long time. This toothpaste prevents the development of humus and has a refreshing taste of peppermint.

Your teeth need some calming effect? Check Grandma Agafia’s Cedar Toothpaste.

This toothpaste provides an effective oral care, strengthens tooth enamel and prevents caries. At the same time it gently polishes the enamel of the teeth, restoring its natural shine andwhiteness. Natural ultra-fine grain abrasive components contribute to the efficient and careful removal of plaque.

Thanks to Grandma Agafia Lingberry toothpaste, there is hope that visiting the dentist will not be a routine! The toothpaste provides effective oral care, strengthens tooth enamel and prevents caries. At the same time, it gently polishes the enamel of the teeth, restoring its natural shine and whiteness. Natural ultra-fine grain abrasive components contribute to the efficient and careful removal of plaque. The organic extracts from the taiga cranberries and the Mongolian tea provide the prevention of oral diseases. This is a source of vitamins and minerals and has antioxidant properties and an anti-inflammatory effect. It also strengthens tooth enamel, restores and maintains the normal flora of the mouth. It is worth to add that the favour of this toothpaste is really fruity!

As you can see, it is not simple to decide. But one thing is for sure, nature is your ally in teeth care. Thanks to carefully selected ingredients you can feel the difference in daily care.

You also need to know that beauty products should be supported by a healthy diet. Fruits and vegetables, without them no type of care will have spectacular effects.

But remember, it is always your choice!

If you are interested in any of the products you can find them at natinati.co.uk