Natural hair care - what is it?

Natural hair care is based on using mostly (or only) organic products, avoiding any ingredients that can leave your hair heavy or can even be harmful for it. There are two options to choose from: making your own DIY hair cosmetics (e.g. hair masks), or buying natural cosmetics. Of course, these two ways can be combined and this is the most reasonable solution. It is difficult to imagine making our own hair preparations - it is time-consuming and also requires proper knowledge, but the results are worth it. Below we present two ways to make homemade hair masks.

DIY strengthening hair mask with olive oil and egg yolks

Preparation time: 2 minutes

Procedure time: 60 minutes

To make this mask you need:

• 2 egg yolks,

• 2 large tablespoons of olive oil.

Mix the ingredients gently to obtain homogeneous consistency. Then apply the mask to your hair. If you have a plastic shower cap, put it on – it will protect the mask from drying and keep your head nice and warm. After one hour, rinse the mask off with water and wash the hair with shampoo.

DIY strengthening hair mask with eggs

Preparation time: 5 minutes

Procedure time: 30 minutes

To prepare this mask you need:

• 2-3 eggs

Separate the egg whites from the yolks. Whip the egg whites and mix with egg yolks. Apply the mask to slightly damp hair and the scalp and gently massage it. Put a plastic shower cap on and cover it with a towel. After 30 minutes, rinse the mask off with water and wash your hair with shampoo.

It is worth remembering that DIY hair masks are very effective, as long as they are applied regularly.

Natural hair cosmetics

Natural hair care products are becoming more and more popular. There are also more and more stores offering organic cosmetics, and the selection of this type of products is really large. People are interested in them not because they are trendy, but because they are effective and safe - these cosmetics do not contain any ingredients that could be dangerous to your health in any way.

  • Shampoos. If you want to look for parabens, preservatives and other harmful ingredients in natural shampoos, you would be looking for them in vain. Among the organic hair care products, you can find anti hair loss shampoos, shampoos for greasy or dry hair, hair volume shampoos, strengthening shampoos or products for faster hair growth - everyone will find something for themselves.
  • Conditioners. Your hair needs special nutrition. Ecological conditioners are made of perfectly selected natural ingredients, mainly - from extracts of various herbs and plants, which provide excellent results. Depending on the needs, the conditioners can increase volume, strengthen the hair, prevent hair loss an rebuild the structure of the hair.
  • Masks. Hair masks are used less often than conditioners, because they require spending more time on the procedure. However, they are extremely effective, especially if their composition is based on natural ingredients. Among them, we find strengthening hair masks, masks that accelerate hair growth, masks for all hair types, as well as masks that rebuild the hair.
  • Oils. Oils quickly penetrate the structure of the hair, and they are very effective. Natural oils are great for strengthening hair ends and improving the appearance of the hair, they also help with problems with the scalp, e.g. eliminating dandruff. What is more – they smell amazing!
  • Styling products. Almost every woman uses hair styling products. Cosmetics containing natural ingredients, unlike synthetic cosmetics, do not make the hair heavy. In this category of products you can find mousses, gels, conditioners, oils and creams.

Washing your hair - not so simple

Sometimes, despite using very good hair cosmetics, including natural hair care products, you do not get the expected results. Your hair is still too greasy at the top or not fluffy enough. Very often, unfortunately, you are the one to blame – e.g. when you wash your hair not thoroughly enough or you are too rough.

  • First: brush your hair before washing. This is very important, and we often forget about it. Combing your hair will prevent it from tangling, even during washing. Additionally, it will remove all the hair that fell out naturally during the day or night.
  • Second: do not go straight to washing. Hair should be rinsed thoroughly with water first. You should use warm water for this purpose (but not hot!). Nice, warm water will open the cuticle scales of the hair - this is important when you want to provide good nutrition during washing.
  • Third: apply the shampoo to your hands first and dilute it with water. Than you can apply it to your scalp and your hair. Thanks to this, it will foam quickly. Otherwise, the shampoo will be hard to spread over your entire hair and scalp.  
  • Fourth: washing your hair one time is not always enough. When you wash your hair, you are often in a hurry and forget that some types of hair need to be washed more than once. This is especially true for greasy hair. The second washing will also remove all the dirt and styling products that build up on your hair, and thus it will make your hair more fluffy.
  • Fifth: Wash your hair gently. Do not tug your hair, do not make movements that make your hair tangle. Try not to be too rough on your scalp - all you need is a delicate, but very precise massage – forget about rough scalp scratching!
  • Sixth: proper rinsing. If you do not rinse your hair properly and leave some of the shampoo in, your hair will become greasy very quickly. You can also experience the itching of the scalp or get allergic reactions. Therefore, your hair should be rinsed very precisely!

As you can see, many factors contribute to the overall appearance of our hair. It is important what cosmetics we use and how we care for our hair - how we wash and dry it. It is also important what we eat every day.