Large selection for all skin types

When writing about natural cosmetics, it must be noted at the very beginning that there is a lot of natural skin care products to choose from.  Many people are afraid that they will not be able to find cosmetics for their own needs among the family of natural skin care products because of the limited choice. The truth is, though, that online stores selling organic cosmetics are filled with all kinds of products. We can choose from:

- many well-known and popular brands,

- cosmetics for women, men and children,

- body, face and hair products,

- cosmetics for all skin types.

Face products

If we want to treat our facial skin to the best possible care, we can opt for a whole lot of excellent quality natural cosmetics. Of course, we must include all the “must-haves”: a good make-up remover, a face cream that is proper for our skin type, as well as products that provide deep moisturizing and cleansing of the face, and therefore scrubs, clays and face masks.

Of course, every woman knows that this is not enough. Facial cosmetics also include products that protect the lips. Lipsticks and lip balms from natural cosmetics brands are of exceptional quality. Among them we can find products of various scents, like coconut, mint or sea buckthorn. Facial skin  also requires proper hydration and toning. The best products for that are herbal distillates, like floral  waters, highly mineralized waters from the dead sea, organic waters from orange flowers, or various face oils.

Remember! Facial skin is exposed to continuous contact with the surrounding environment. We do not cover the face, and therefore it is very often in contact with harmful substances and dust. It is therefore necessary to take care of it in a special way, without adding parabens, silicone or other substances that may cause skin irritation. High quality cosmetics do not contain such ingredients!

Attitude of British consumers towards natural products

Natural cosmetics are becoming more and more popular and the number of consumers interested in them is still growing. At this point, you can ask yourself, what makes natural skin care products so attractive to people?

Did you know that… natural facial cosmetics have been used since ancient times and they were equally popular among men and women?


Social pressure regarding appearance and health. In our society the pressure to look impeccable and lead a healthy lifestyle is high. Because of this a lot of people have begun to pay much more attention to what they look like. When you watch TV commercials today, a large part of them is in many ways connected to healthy lifestyle and beauty (dietary supplements, cosmetics, vitamins). All that makes us aware of what we eat, what we wear, and what cosmetics we use. We understand that our health, well-being and good looks are affected by many factors. Therefore, in order to remove as many chemical, artificial and often harmful products from our lives, we turn to the more natural or completely natural ones. Although we used the word "pressure", it is definitely a trend that is very beneficial for the overall health of British people (and not just them – trends that encourage a healthy lifestyle are thriving in many countries).

We are becoming more aware. Easy access to information has made us more aware. Television, and above all the Internet, no limitations and the ability to research almost any information in a few seconds mean that we can quickly find out what is good and what is bad for us. In many cases, we no longer have to ask specialists, such as doctors, for information. We do not have to look for information in encyclopedias or spend long hours in libraries. Important information for us can be found in a heartbeat, and then we can implement the necessary changes - a huge number of people do just that. With easy access to information, you can check whether the cream you are using contains ingredients that can negatively affect your body - if it does, you will certainly try to find a new, better one. Being aware means taking better care of one's own health.

We believe in the power of nature. This belief is not unfounded. Just remember what we do when the stomach aches - we drink mint tea. And when our child has the colic, we give him or her some chamomile tea. When we catch a cold, we prepare ourselves some milk with honey or other additives. Many times in our lives we ​​have learned that herbs and natural ingredients can really do a lot. On a daily basis, we often do not have time to look for natural cosmetics, the more so because there are not so many of them in our drugstores. However, if we find them, we are happy to get  them - because we believe that they are effective. Our mothers, grandmothers and great-grandmothers also believed so.

Chemicals scare us. Just as nature evokes pleasant associations in our minds, chemical, artificial substances make us reluctant, they can even frighten us. Unfortunately, more and more often we are forced to function in an environment in which chemicals (broadly defined) are something normal. However, when we realize that we can do something good for ourselves, we do it very willingly! That is why we love natural cosmetics so much. It is enough to realize how many dangerous or potentially harmful ingredients our conventional cosmetics contain, to look for an alternative.

Advertising works. That is a fact. However, it is not only the ads of the cosmetics of the most expensive brands (which most often do not belong to the natural cosmetics group), but also the ads of natural products, which are much more subtle. The increasing number of cosmetics made based on natural ingredients that you can find in stationary stores and more and more new online stores with organic cosmetics give food for thought.

The market of natural cosmetics is becoming more and more important

The results of research presented in many different reports (e.g. in the report of Organic Monitor, Euromonitor International) indicate that the market of natural cosmetics is dynamically developing. It is not, of course, as big as the market of popular, conventional cosmetics, but the interest in them is still growing. Products from such brands as Grandma Agafia, Natura Siberica, Organic Shop and Baikal Herbals are becoming more and more popular. There is no indication that this trend will change in upcoming years.


Taking care of yourself is one of your responsibilities. Your health and well-being depend to a large extent on the products you use every day. Using right skin care products is just as important as a healthy diet. Taking care of yourself is not just about mechanical activities, but, above all, about knowing what is good and bad for you. Proper skin care routine will allow you to maintain youthful appearance, stay in shape and feel good about yourself for a long time.