Taking care of the skin is important - not only for its appearance, but also for its health. Using high quality cosmetics and skin care products may help keep it in good condition, while using cosmetics of questionable quality may seriously damage it. This is most often the case with the cosmetics whose composition is based primarily on chemical substances, which is why it is so important to replace them with alternative cosmetics. We can choose between natural and organic skin care products. To be able to make the right choice, it is worth knowing their characteristics, as well as the differences between these two types of cosmetics. In this article you will find all the necessary information that will help you choose the best cosmetics for your skin!

Nature... made of chemicals

Each of us is perfectly aware of the power of the word "natural" nowadays. We consume natural food, drink natural juices, wear clothes made of natural fibers and of course we use natural cosmetics. The word "natural" today is identified with the word “healthy” – it means that a product is manufactured without using chemical substances or various types of harmful additives present in conventional food or preparations of various kinds.

Unfortunately - often the term "natural" is only a way to improve sales rate, and the products referred to as such often simply do not deserve it. It turns out that there is not much nature in many of them - the ingredients of plant origin are only a small percentage of the entire composition, but it is enough to allow the manufacturer to use this kind of marketing gimmick. Even if the cosmetics in question were created on the basis of chemical ingredients, and only a small part of the composition is natural plants or herbs – the manufacturer can use the term "natural cosmetics".

Why is that? First of all - due to the lack of legal regulations in this area - the term "natural cosmetic" allows for a very wide interpretation and multitude of applications, which is why it is so often used by many manufacturers who, unfortunately, do not have too much in common with natural high quality products.

Do you want what is natural? Go with organic cosmetics!

Fortunately, law regulations include organic cosmetics, whose name is not accidental. According to the law, organic cosmetics are made using ONLY natural ingredients. What's more - these ingredients should be certified so that we are 100% sure that the ingredients were produced in  organic farms. Thanks to this, you, as a person looking for the highest quality skin care products, can be sure that you invest in what is actually natural.

Ecological farms, where the ingredients of organic cosmetics are produced, must adapt to many restrictive laws and ensure the highest production standards. They are also regularly inspected to be sure that the crops are natural.

Organic cosmetics are made using natural ingredients and are devoid of any kinds of:

- pesticides,

- chemical fertilizers,

- genetically modified ingredients (GMOs).

Therefore, when looking for natural ingredients, check the composition of a product and see whether the ingredients are certified - if not, it may mean that you should keep on looking for another product.

What do organic cosmetics contain?

In order to be able to choose the right cosmetics, which were created based on what is natural, it is worth knowing the ingredients that the manufacturers use to make them. These ingredients are divided into several groups, which we will discuss briefly.

First group - active ingredients

The basic ingredients of all cosmetics, thanks to which the preparations we buy turn out to be effective, include all kinds of active ingredients, such as oils, water and plant extracts and the effectiveness of cosmetics depends on their quality. Organic cosmetics contain natural oils and extracts, coming directly from plants, thanks to which they are clean, unprocessed and retain their high efficiency. In the case of "natural" cosmetics, which actually means conventional cosmetics, substances of plant origin are replaced with synthetic oils, which are often repeatedly processed and not only do they not have a positive effect on the skin, but also they may actually harm it.

Second group - fragrances

Well, to make using cosmetics pleasant and to make them even more effective, it is necessary to include substances that are responsible for the fragrance - beautiful, soothing, the one you want to come back to. This is definitely the case with organic cosmetics – in the production process the manufacturers  include essential oils and extracts not just from plants, but also fruits. Traditional cosmetics, on the other hand, are filled with synthetic substances used as fragrances, which not only do not smell as great as natural fragrances, but also may cause allergic reactions.

Third group - emulsifiers

An extremely important group of ingredients, which - to put it simply - allow to create a lasting mixture of different types of ingredients that do not mix together on their own. The manufacturers of organic cosmetics use emulsifiers of plant origin, while the manufacturers of conventional products use harmful synthetics, such as polyethylene glycol or polypropylene glycol.

Fourth group - preservatives

Although we do not associate the term “preservatives” with anything that is organic, and we think of it as some chemical substances, preservatives do not have to be harmful to our health. In the production process of organic cosmetics, the preservatives that are used are delicate and completely safe for human health. Meanwhile, conventional cosmetics contain synthetic preservatives that are not completely safe, and using them may cause many side effects.

Why is it better to choose certified organic cosmetics?

The answer to this question lies in the quality of these products and the differences in composition between organic and conventional cosmetics. Organic skin care products are created using only natural, certified ingredients, so that you as a buyer can be sure that you are going with a product that is completely safe for your skin. Conventional cosmetics, even when they are called "natural", are made primarily of synthetics that can affect the skin, cause allergic reactions and many other undesirable side effects.

The second thing is effectiveness - thanks to the selected, natural ingredients and their perfect combination, organic preparations allow to eliminate skin problems, restore its natural, healthy look, and also take care - not only for the skin, but also for the hair. Of course, synthetic cosmetics can also be effective, but we should always take into account the fact that the synthetic ingredients may also be harmful to our skin in the long or even he short run.

And finally, the third thing - organic cosmetics are extremely popular, and so they are created by many manufacturers. Surely no one will have any problems finding a perfect preparation that will meet their expectations. Strengthening hair shampoos and masks, soaps, creams, scrubs, conditioners, bath salts - all of this is available in many variants.

So check the effects of organic cosmetics on your own skin and see for yourself that using them can be a way to restore your beauty and health!