The skin of an infant is extremely sensitive. Parents very often have to deal with frequently occurring skin problems in their children: allergies, rashes and redness. There can be various factors causing these problems, the most common are food and using synthetic cosmetics in child’s skin care routine. That is why many parents are nowadays switching to baby skin care products of natural origin. 

Natural cosmetics are becoming more and more popular...

Natural skin care products are becoming more popular every day. To a large extent, this trend is connected to the fast growing ecological awareness in society. Parents choose natural cosmetics for infants and older children because:

- they are safe,

- they do not cause allergies,

- they help treat skin problems,

- they contain natural ingredients.

Ordinary cosmetics - those which contain numerous chemical substances - can be very dangerous for a baby. We should always remembered that many substances penetrate human body through the skin and cumulate, which can cause problems in the future. Natural cosmetics are primarily based on herbs and plant extracts. These, contrary to synthetic ingredients, are absolutely safe for most children (there can, however, be some exceptions to the rule, e.g. when a baby is allergic to a specific herb). Ecological cosmetics are thoroughly dermatologically tested, which is why parents can be sure that they use proven products that are absolutely safe for the skin of a baby.

Important! Many parents, in an attempt to give their toddler what is best, buy large amounts of cosmetics for children from many different brands. It is completely unnecessary! It is best to opt for one or two brands of baby cosmetics and remember the rule: less is more.

Which cosmetics to choose?

The selection of cosmetics for children is huge. So how do you find the best ones?

1. Choose natural skin care products. If you are not sure whether the product you picked from the shop shelf is natural or not, read the information on the packaging. You may come across terms like: natural cosmetics, ecological cosmetics, organic shin care products etc. So if this type of information is included on the box, that means that the product is probably worth spending your money on.

2. Always check the ingredients list of the product. Remember the rule: the ingredient that the product is mostly made of is usually listed at the beginning of the ingredients list (that is why for most products the first listed ingredient is water - or Aqua) The shorter the list of ingredients - the better. There should be no unnecessary ingredients that are responsible for  the color or the fragrance of the product.

3. Avoid cosmetics that contain chemical substances. These include emulsifiers, substances that are responsible for  foaming (SSL, SLES), alcohols and preservatives.

4. Buy products that contain natural extracts. The most popular natural cosmetics contain e.g. Aloe Vera or chamomile extracts.

Products recommended for children

Although the skin of newborns and toddlers should be protected in a special way, we cannot forget about proper care for slightly older children. Safety should be maintained regardless of the child's age. After the first year of life, when a toddler is no longer an infant, his or her skin does not change so much that we can give up safe skin care products. Parabens, preservatives, dyes and foaming substances like SLS or SLES should still be avoided in cosmetics.

A few tips on how to care for babies’ skin

Do not buy too many cosmetics. You do not know how your child's skin will react to cosmetics. It may turn out that your baby's skin is so sensitive that it will be necessary to try several brands of cosmetics. If you have too many of them, there is a risk that you will have to throw them away. You will also not be sure which of them has had a harmful effect on your child’s skin.

Use delicate oils. The sensitive skin of a baby responds very well to almond oils, grape seed oils and sesame oils. However, before you decide to use them on a larger area of ​​skin, first test whether the child is not allergic to any of them.

Use gentle plant soaps for bathing. There are many soaps of plant origin. They are very delicate and safe.

Get organic skin butter for colder days. The baby's skin is sensitive. Even if the child is healthy, it is advised to give up on taking long walks on cold days. Still, it is essential to use proper skin care products to protect your child’s skin. Organic skin butter will work perfectly!


Proper care and protection for the child's sensitive skin is a huge challenge for parents. When choosing natural cosmetics, one must remember that they are way more delicate than traditional cosmetics. When selecting them, it is necessary to pay attention to the composition. Cosmetics containing harmful chemicals certainly should not be used in the care of newborns, toddlers, or even older children.