A strong brand, excellent PR and many years on the market of certain manufacturers make us develop a positive attitude even to those cosmetics that are filled with a huge amount of synthetic substances harmful to health. Fortunately, the awareness in our society is growing and more and more of us know that it is better to choose a certified product made of the ingredients of natural origin over a product that has more chemical substances in it than ingredients obtained from plants.

Organic cosmetics - what are they?

We often hear about natural cosmetics, deprived of parabens and SLS, which are used very willingly by producers of synthetic cosmetics that are well known to us all and which we see every day on shop shelves. This means that such cosmetics contain dangerous to human health preservatives and detergents, and therefore using them in the long run can do more harm than good. Natural cosmetics, or more precisely - organic ones, do not contain such harmful ingredients, so they do not cause allergic reactions, do not damage the skin, hair and nails, and at the same time are very effective. To better discuss the problem of harmful substances contained in conventional cosmetics, it is worth learning about these ingredients and find out why you should stay away from them. Get ready!

Harmful substances that you need to know of

We will of course start with the ones that appear most often in products and which are the biggest problem: parabens and SLS.

- Parabens are the most popular preservatives in cosmetology, thanks to which it is possible to extend the expiration date of preparations. They are commonly used because they do not change the appearance, smell or effect of cosmetics. However, studies on their impact on the skin and the human body are still ongoing, and more and more scientists conclude that these preservatives can cause very undesirable effects, including cancer, lower fertility or simply harmful effects on the skin. Of course - to maintain objectivity - we must point out that not all parabens are considered harmful, especially at low concentrations. However, if you do not want to expose yourself to problems, you should give up using preparations containing them - especially those containing butylparabens or propylparabens.

- SLS is a detergent that is widely used in cosmetics – it makes it possible for a product to cleanse your skin from dirt and makeup. Just like parabens, SLS is also considered carcinogenic. And although none of the tests confirms this a 100 percent, we know that carcinogens are formed during the production of SLS, so the fear of using it may be justified. On the other hand, other suspicions regarding the negative impact of the substance have actually been confirmed - in many people it causes swelling or peeling of the skin. It also penetrates the skin (especially its thinnest layers) and can accumulate in the body, remaining in it for up to 5 days! And that certainly does not do us any good.

However, in conventional cosmetics, we can encounter not only parabens and SLS. Manufacturers use many other harmful substances of which we should know of:

- ALS - a detergent with a similar profile as the SLS, it also should be avoided - especially when it comes to the child’s skin care.

- Silicones and mineral oils - fillers, thanks to which cosmetics spread well and have bigger volume. These are substances created from synthetic elements and the body treats them as such. Using them may, in the long run,  have negative effects on our skin and general health.

- PEGs and PPGs - polyethylene and polypropylene glycols – these substances are used by the manufacturers to obtain proper consistency of cosmetics. Harmful to the skin, therefore you should definitely avoid them.

- Formaldehyde - another preservative, tested by researchers. Studies show that it may have carcinogenic effect, so any product that contains it should be avoided at any cost.

- Aluminum - used primarily in deodorants. It clogs skin pores.

Of course, there are many more types of substances and additives that can be found in skin care products, however, the ones listed above are the most harmful and it is them that you must pay attention to most of all.

How to fight synthetics? Organic cosmetics!

Thanks to organic cosmetics, each of us can completely eliminate parabens, SLS and other artificial and harmful substances from our lives. Natural skin care products are created exclusively from ingredients of plant origin and even the preservatives in them are properly selected, and thus - safe for human health. What's more, the highest quality of ingredients used in the production process is confirmed by the quality certificate that all organic cosmetics manufacturers must obtain – thanks to the certificate we as consumers can be sure that we buy products that are created on the basis of ingredients produced in an environmentally-friendly way.

Of course, it is worth knowing which products to choose from the wide range of natural cosmetics. There are many brands to choose from and you will be able to get to know them by  visiting any store selling natural beauty products. The best-known and most valued are:- Grandma Agafia

- Dr. Konopka’s

- Organic Shop

- Natura Siberica

- Baikal Herbals and many more.

By choosing one of these brands, you have the opportunity to invest in high-class natural cosmetics, whose recipes are often passed from generation to generation, and the composition is based on research carried out by specialists. Organic cosmetics are therefore not only safe for the skin, they are also effective – and that is what we should expect from all our beauty products.

What can you choose?

Of course, among cosmetics without parabens and SLS you can find everything you need for your daily skin care routine or home therapy that is supposed to restore health and beauty of your skin or hair. There are lots of natural shampoos in UK: anti hair loss shampoos, hair volume shampoos, strengthening hair shampoos. The same is true for other beauty products, like strengthening hair masks, natural foot creams, face creams and masks, body lotions, soaps, bath salts, scrubs and many other products that will help you take care of your body like you never have before. With this type of products you do not have to fear any allergic reactions or other negative effects on the skin. Eco-friendly, all natural organic cosmetics are valued for a reason and it is definitely worth including them in your skin care routine. All the more so because they are not really more expensive than cosmetics containing parabens, SLS and other harmful ingredients - see for yourself by visiting a store that specializes in selling natural cosmetics.