An excellent example is a new Brazilian organic cofee and sugar body scrub. Many clients already appreciated it’s attributes



Fantastic sweet scent and organic formula turn your care into little SPA ritual.

Contained cofee oil  exfoliates, works antioxidant, and even anti-depressing.

Moisturizing properties and sensual scent wont let you forget about this plesant ritual…

Our choice is definetley on it !


The next cofee exmaple is Soft Face Gommage


As all of Organic Shop products doesn’t contain  parabens and silicones what can only irrate delicate face skin.

Coffee and limonnik extract can purify, tone and revitalize grey and tired face skin.

Cofee seed’s particles present in gommage gently peel off dead epidermis,

Light consistency and delicate scent is what stands out this product.

Cofee’s properties are suprisingly various!


Organic Shop has also a great opportunity for damaged hair!


Avocado’s  natural properties are known from ages. In this hair mask it expressivly repairs and nourishes damaged and thin hair. It also makes mask’s formula thicker what helps hair to absorb more vitamins.

Honey brings natural glow and softness from roots to ends.

After 2-3 minutes you can enjoy a naturally restored hair.


What is more, Organic Shop products contain at least 97% of natural ingrediends and are certified by Cosmos Natural what ensure about safety of using them. It was created by BDIH (Germany), Cosmebio/EcoCert (France), ICEA (Italy) and Soil Association (UK) in 2011.

Organic, extrodinary scented and certified- those words define that in Organic Shop products less is more!

Thanks this cosmetic brand you can uncover a new side of nature…